Google Chrome backup

Parhelia Tools (Bundled)

Google Chrome Backup is a browser tool that lets users backup their Google Chrome profile. It was created by Parhelia Tools. It has a user interface similar to that of Google Chrome. This allows novices and experts to be familiar with the product immediately.

Users are asked to select a backup option. The default profile is the usual settings. It also allows multiple profile backups. Users can do this by selecting "Backup Profile" and selecting a designated path. Password protection can be enabled as well as the compression rates. Low compression is usually recommended.

Google Chrome Backup also allows restoring an old profile. To do this, users have to select "Restore Profile" and navigate to the file they want to restore. The process will delete the backup and restore the profile. If password protection is enabled, the tool will ask for it first to complete the process.

Creation of a new profile requires clicking the "New Profile." Users can create a shortcut to their desktop to run them directly. To delete a profile, simply select it from the list and select "Delete Profile".  
This will delete the profile folder and its settings. Adding a new profile can be done by simply clicking the "Add Existing" button on the toolbar.