Google Calendar Sync

Google Inc. (Freeware)

Google Calendar Sync is a utility program that enables users to synchronize their Google calendar to their Microsoft Outlook or mobile device calendars. This application can sync a user’s calendar in several ways. First is one-way synchronization that synchronizes a user’s Google Calendar to Microsoft Outlook or the other way around. Another is two-way which synchronizes both applications. Changes done in a calendar with two-way synchronization is automatically imported to the other calendar, while one-way synchronization allows users to make changes to one calendar only.

Google Calendar Sync is small, portable, and standalone. It only requires installation and few configurations then if works almost automatically afterwards. Upon installing the program, users are required to input their Google account username and password. Users will be asked to select between one-way and two-way synchronization, and asked to input the time interval for synchronization. A minimum of 10 minutes is allowed for the time interval. After configuring the settings, Google Calendar Sync will proceed to synchronize the user’s Google and Microsoft Outlook calendars. The program can easily be accessed by clicking the program icon in the system tray. Right clicking the icon will generate a quick menu that displays commands that enable users to force synch their calendars, or reconfigure their Google Calendar Sync settings.