Google Books Downloader 2.3

Gbooksdownloader (Freeware)

Google Books Downloader is used for saving Google Books in PDF, PNG, or JPEG format. Google Books is a service that allows users to purchase and download millions of e-books. Users can read these books using an e-reader that utilizes the Adobe Digital Editions application. With the program, users can download e-books and print them out to have a hard copy. The application is simple and easy to use. The program has a small main window that consists of four parts. The upper portion of the window is where users can paste the URL for the Google Book. The bottom part of the main window is for setting the download options (output format, resolution, and the output folder). The download can be started by clicking on the ‘Start’ button located under the Google Book URL.

After clicking the ‘Start’ button, users can see the progress of the downloaded files on the screen. The download will be done in a few seconds or minutes, depending on the Internet connection and the size of the Google Book. The file can be opened with any standard e-book viewer or PDF viewer. The e-books can also be transferred to an e-book reader. The Google Books Downloader makes it easier for users to download and manage e-books.