GoodSync 9.9.48

Siber Systems Inc. (Shareware)

GoodSync is backup software that synchronizes file between directories. The program can back up different types of files, such as documents, photos, videos, and audio files. Synchronization can be done between a computer and a server, another computer, or a storage device. The software makes use of True Bi-Directional Synchronization technology that automatically identifies the changes made on the files. It compares the stored file with the current file so system monitoring is not a requirement. GoodSync has several file manipulation tools, too. These include copying of locked files, limiting the bandwidth consumed, and backing up online through an encrypted channel.  

GoodSync has a simple user interface. Files and folders are displayed in the form of trees so that comparing items are easier. The Job List Pane displays the status of all the synchronization jobs, too. Detailed information including number of files and number of bytes can also be viewed.

Users can set the synchronization time by setting it on the Task Scheduler. The program can also be started whenever changes are made to a file. The program automatically starts up when two directories are connected to the computer. GoodSync records a log of all the modifications done on the files.