GoodSync Explorer

GoodSync (Freeware)

GoodSync Explorer is a program that enables users to manage file uploads and downloads from a local or a remote server. This program uses the GoodSync File System technology to allow users to browse, upload, and download data from remote or local servers. GoodSync Explorer provides support for several types of file systems such as Google Docs, Skydrive, Windows Azure, Windows Mobile Devices, Amazon S3, WebDAV, Secure FTP (SFTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Amazon Cloud Drive, Windows Net Share, and Windows Local. These various types of supported file systems enable users to select from servers that focus on security, or those that provide faster connectivity.

GoodSync Explorer has features that enable users to publish and maintain their website as well as to upload and download a variety of data such as images, video, audio, documents, and software. This program can also be used to share these files to other users from local or remote locations. GoodSync Explorer has features that allow users to create bookmarks for their server accounts or connectoids. This program can also display all connectoids from the user’s GoodSync jobs.

GoodSync Explorer features a simple two-paneled interface that appears similar to Microsoft Windows Explorer. The program’s window includes a directory tree that enables users to locate their files more quickly and a variety of commands used to upload and download data.