G.A.A. (Freeware)

GonVisor is a file viewer that supports different file formats (image files, compressed files, cb files, images folders, etc). The program’s interface is simple. Users can add files to the application simply by dragging and dropping them to the program’s window. The GonVisor program provides several options for viewing files. The application also consists of a set of tools for viewing. These are:

• Double page – This feature allows users to view files two pages at once, just like reading a book.
• Image enhancement – the image enhancement feature provides some tools for improving the images on the file. Some of the tools are normalization, contrast, and image smoothing.
• Full screen – The full screen mode allows users to view files in full screen to eliminate distractions and improve the viewing experience.
• Magnifier – This feature turns the mouse cursor into a magnifying glass. Users can direct the magnifier to different parts of the file to expand the area.
• Image transition – The application provides several effects that can be used for transitioning between images.

GonVisor can be controlled with hot keys. The hot keys and mouse strokes can also be customized by the user. Aside from viewing files, they can also be printed within the program. The sizes of the files are automatically adjusted to meet printing needs.