Gretech Corp. (Shareware)

GOM (Gretech Online Movie Player) RECORDER is a media player. This utility is a media player meant for Windows systems. This application stands out because of its capacity to play broken media files. AVI files which are damaged can be played by GOM RECORDER by skipping bad frames. Another method utilized is rebuilding the index of the file when the solution is called for.

GOM RECORDER also has the capability to find missing codecs using its codec finder feature. If the file cannot be played by GOM RECORDER the program will find an external code that is appropriate to the format. This is accomplished using the GUID identifier function. The user is directed to the webpage of the codec that can play the file.

GOM RECORDER supports the following multimedia formats: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, MP3, ASF MP4, WMV, EVRC, MJPEG, among others. It also supports RealMedia via Real Alternative or Via RealPlayer and QuickTime File Format via QuickTime Alternative or QuickTime. This program is designed to support Video CD, DVD, and SVCD formats. In terms of Unicode Text Subtitles, the following formats are supported: VOBsub (.sub + .idx), SubRipText (.srt), and Advanced SubStation Alpha (.ass). The embedded subtitles supported are OGM, MKV, and ASF.

Users that opt for the GOMTV Streamer add-on can enjoy peer-to-peer video streaming. This tool is the creation of Gretech Corp., a company based in South Korea.