GOM Audio

Gretech Corporation (Freeware)

GOM Audio is an audio player developed for computers running on Windows operating systems. It is developed by South Korean company Gretech Corporation. With this application, users can listen to their CDs, MP3s, and other music files easily. This player is based on the GOM Player, the company’s program designed for video playback. As such, the two applications share the same shortcut controls and features, including controls for Playback Speed, and A-B Repeat. Among the audio player’s features are the following:

• Change display – users can select from three display modes and different player skins to customize the audio player’s appearance.
• Support for Internet Radio – this application comes pre-loaded with popular Internet radio stations for the user’s convenience. It can access and play livestreams of radio broadcasts and podcast channels from anywhere in the world.
• Makes use of minimal resources – this player features low resource usage, which means that users do not have to close other running programs to be able to play audio. GOM Audio also has a Mini Player mode that enables users to lock the playback controls to the computer’s taskbar, so changing tracks can be easily done without minimizing other applications. The Mini Player also reduces on-screen clutter so users can focus on their work.
• Power Options – users can set the player to shut down, restart, or put their computers on sleep mode automatically when a playlist is finished.