GoldWave Inc. (Shareware)

GoldWave is an audio editing software that was initially released in 1993. The program’s interface is divided into two parts – one for basic editing, and the other for audio effects. With GoldWave, editors can trim, join, and copy audio files, as well as add effects like echo, and reverb. The main controls of the program are placed in a separate window. Some of the features included in the application’s control panel include the volume, pitch, equalizer, noise reduction, and many more.

The program is capable of recording audio from cassette tapes, or LPs with the use of the right equipment. When importing audio from these, there is a tendency for the audio file to have hissing or popping noises. GoldWave provides filters and tools to eliminate these noises from the track to come up with a clean sounding audio file.

Professional editors can configure their own hotkeys to control the program. Aside from assigning hotkeys, the interface is also fully customizable. Windows can be arranged in different ways, and the interface’s colors can be changed as well.

Other features of the GoldWave program include the following:
• Effect chain editor
• Level meters, spectrograms, and other audio graphs
• Cue points tool for bookmarking
• Batch processing of audio files

GoldWave supports many different file formats including M4A, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, OGG, and many more.