INTENIUM GmbH (Shareware)

GoldenSub is an exciting computer game that is set in a stunning underwater world filled with many interesting aquatic wildlife. This game is all about completing mind-boggling puzzles and overcoming challenges. Golden Sub also challenges the navigation capabilities of the player. GoldenSub is a strategy game by Intenium GmbH.

The end goal of this game is to propel the sub to the final destination of its journey. The route is riddled with seashells and all sorts of interesting fish and other sea life. Aside from these challenges, the player must also take care not to run out of oxygen—one more formidable element that makes this computer game something that many people find thoroughly engaging.

GoldenSub is an addictive game with an aquatic theme that involves color blasting and collecting treasures. There are as many as 150 levels for the player to explore. Players can gain more and more points as they move the GoldenSub along the map. After diving in, this unique game offers players the fun task of firing underwater objects such as pearls and shells. Players have to catch coins that fall and put together groups of three or more to attain points. GoldenSub offers a number of different obstacles in the quest for valuable treasure.