Golden FTP Server Pro

KMiNT21 Software (Proprietary)

Golden FTP Server Pro is a personal and user-friendly FTP server. A File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server is a basic network protocol which is commonly used to transfer or share files between hosts over the Web. Contrary to Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, which is considered as in-band control, FTP is out-of-band control, which means that it utilizes two parallel connections, one of which controls information such as identification, passwords and commands, and another that controls data files.

Golden FTP Server Pro utilizes a simple and multi-lingual user interface. The program loads automatically when the Windows system is turned on. Users can select the files and transfer them with a two-click process using the mouse. The interface has several icons on the left side for Open Folders, Active Connections, Options, and About. For control purposes, the username is specified on a section located at the top. Beside it are buttons for adding and deleting usernames, as well as managing passwords. The main interface displays the file information such as date, name, and path. There are also functions on the bottom part that includes Add, Change, Delete, Info, and Statistic. Once the file has been selected, a user needs to click on the “OK” button on the bottom part of the interface.