Gold Miner 1.0

Shmehao Games (Freeware)

Gold Miner is a Flash-based arcade game. It involves hauling in gold nuggets to achieve cash goals at every level. Gold mining and unearthing of valuable treasures are done with the aid of a claw and reel. The players must obtain resources to reach a certain amount of cash in a race against time. This means that goals for each level must be met within the specified time limit so that players can move on to the next levels. If the cash goal is not met, the game ends.

The nuggets come in different kinds of sizes. Large gold pieces take a long time to haul, but are worth more money than the smaller pieces that fly towards the Miner character. Because of their higher value, big gold nuggets often help players win a stage. One large nugget is enough to reach the cash goals of a certain stage. It is therefore a good idea for players to focus on obtaining larger nuggets. There are also distracting ore pieces that should be avoided. These are not only worthless, but obtaining these takes too much time. There are also mystery bags that may contain something valuable or at helpful, such as money or a strength upgrade. At other times, these carry dynamite and other troublesome items. Diamonds can likewise be mined. These are highly valuable money and easy to get hold of. It is wise to get them as soon as they are spotted. What makes the gameplay more exciting is that items can be bought between levels using earnings acquired.

The claw swings back and forth. Players can stop this movement and make the claw go lower by pressing the down arrow. When it grabs an item, left and right arrows should be tapped quickly to reel up the claw with the treasure it has picked up. The heavier the object, the longer it will take to haul it.