GOGDownloader (Freeware)

GOG Downloader is a download manager application. The program enables users to download games from the GOG website. Users can also download the goodies that accompany the game using the GOG Downloader. The program also supports multiple download connections. It also features simultaneous downloading capability. It offers faster download speed than the normal Internet browser of up to 8 times the usual speed. Downloading is also done through a one-click function.  

GOG Downloader features a safe and secure download process. It also provides the download progress of all the current downloads. The program also alerts the user if there are available updates to previously downloaded games. It can provide notifications for game patches, personal messages, and forum replies on the GOG website. This option is available even from the GUI taskbar. The program also offers error protection function by automatically error-checking the current downloads.  

GOG Downloader features a simple graphical user interface. The top bar shows the availability of new completed game downloads, as well as the number of games updated, messages received, and forum replies. These are clickable links that will allow users to access the games corresponding to these links. The program features 3 buttons at the top: Resume All, Pause All, and Settings. The current downloads are shown below the buttons, with their corresponding download progress percentage and thumbnail.