Downloader (Freeware) Downloader is a program that enables users to search, purchase, and download PC games online. This program links users with’s video game database where they can purchase game installers, patch updates, expansion packs, as well as bonus content such as soundtracks and concept art of their PC video games. is a digital distribution platform that was first released in 2008. This website is known for selling DRM-free video games and old PC game releases that are made compatible with the latest version of Windows. Downloader also has features that allow users to manage their game downloads. Users can limit the number of simultaneous downloads and restrict the maximum download speed for each video game. This program can also be set to automatically resume downloading during startup. Downloader automatically notifies its users whenever a new game patch is made available. Users are also informed of new releases in the program’s main page. In order for Downloader to work, users need to have an active internet connection and a user account registered in Downloader features a simple single window interface where users can view the download progress of their purchased video games. The top portion of the window has controls that enable users to pause or resume downloads, or to access the program’s settings. The center space displays the games that are currently being downloaded as well as the download speed.