GoFTP Communications (Freeware)

GoFTP is an FTP client software developed by GoFTP Communications and released on April 2008. The program speeds up the user’s FTP connection. Aside from that, the program increases the file transfer speed between FTP servers. It is a freeware that allows users to speed up the connection between the client and the server up to 3x. The program comes with all the necessary tools for an FTP client. It features a Site manager, a transfer log, and a double browsing panel. It also comes with automatic data encryption, as well as the capability to continue transfer or download in cases of accidental interruptions.

GoFTP features a grey and blue classic windows user interface. The menu bar includes menu options for File, Actions, Queue, Options, and Help. The function bar contains buttons essential for starting a connection or ending one. The double browsing panel shows the FTP client and the FTP server paths. Below that is a status window showing the progress of every FTP transfer or download. The bottom window shows the different connections and the clients connected to the server.  The Settings dialog box enables users to set the number of connection retries in case the first try fails to connect. Users can also configure the Transfer mode, which is set in Automatic as a default mode.