God Of War II

Sony (Proprietary)

God of War II is a video game that was released in 2007. It is an action game and the also the second game in the God of War series. It is based in Greek Mythology with Kratos as the main character. As the new God of War, Kratos was stripped of his godly powers and was mortally wounded. However, with the help of Gaia, he will travel back in time to alter his death and get his revenge on Zeus. He will soon lead the titans against the Olympian gods in a war that will end all wars.

God of War II is similar to its predecessor with a wide array of combo moves that are possible. Players can use moves that are present in the original God of War game as well as new moves in this second game in the series. Players can also utilize magic such as ice and wind. The game has additional characters that are not present in the previous game. Some of them are Cyclops and the Flying Gryphon. While it is an action-game, there are also elements of puzzles. Players must solve these puzzles to progress through the game. During battle there’s a feature called “Quick Time Event”. The player will do a set of actions on the controller that will kill the enemy at hand if successful, or do damage to Kratos if not.