Gobliiins 4

Coktel Vision (Shareware)

Gobliiins 4 is a puzzle adventure game. It is the fourth chapter of the Gobliiins game and it starts out where the whole series began—with three main characters. Each of the goblins has a distinct personality and has a set of skills that are unique to each one. In the game, the player can control not just one but multiple goblins. Only a single character may be controlled at any one time, but the player can switch characters in the next scene. The challenge for the player is to solve the problem at each level before proceeding to the next.

Gobliiins 4 are Stucco, Tchoup, and Perluis. Stucco is strong and can lift and climb very well, although he is not a reliable fellow when the challenge requires deductive reasoning. Meanwhile, Tchoup is the detective of the three. He can also pick items and place them in his pocket for safekeeping. Lastly, Perluis has a dark sense of humor and magic powers at his disposal.

The game is the result of a collaboration of game developers from different countries. Gobliiins 4 is created by Pierre Gilhodes. The game is produced by a company from Russia called Snowberry Connection. The developers of the game are a French company named Société Pollene.