GoAruna (Shareware)

Go Aruna is a cloud storage service provides its users with online storage space for various forms of data. Aside from offering large spaces for file storage, this type of service provider also has the ability to provide file sharing assistance for larger sized files, which cannot easily be sent from email accounts. Other than file storage and file sending services, this program can be depended on for file sharing options. It is a cloud storage service that aids people in their file sharing, storage, and sending needs.

Go Aruna was started back in 2007 and has become a well-known cloud storage service provider. Aside from the different data services that are being offered to Go Aruna users, extended file sharing services have also been made available. Extended services cover file access using various types of devices from traditional computers to mobile gadgets. Aside from unlimited data access, this particular type of software also makes features such as the following readily available for their users:

• Easy drag and drop function for ease of usage
• Availability of proxy setting configuration
• Multi-platform compatibility

The aforementioned features make this cloud service software reliable and quite easy to use, making it a suitable solution a wide variety of users including home users, students, and business people.