GO Diego GO! Dinosaur Rescue

WildTangent, Inc. (Proprietary)

GO Diego Go! Dinosaur Rescue is a video game designed primarily for kids. It is created to assist the development of the child’s basic Spanish, shape identification, object identification, hand-eye coordination, deductive reasoning, and cooperation. It has passed the testing of the Kid-Test Approval for the game’s appropriateness, quality, and fun-factor.

The main plot of the game revolves around Diego, Baby Jaguar, and Alicia. These characters are to travel to the dinosaur land to help the Maiasaura named Maia to reunite with her family. There are five levels to be completed. In order to get to Egg Island, the kid must pass through the Volcano Cliffs and Cretaceous Jungle. Challenges for the user include playing as a dinosaur scientist, climbing rock walls, solving puzzles, swimming in the lagoon, traveling along monkey bars, rescuing Ploosaurs, and building walls to prevent Troodons from causing harms.

It has a Dinosaur Guide Helper feature that allows adults to join in the game. Parental supervision is possible via the use of the second Wii Remote. There are 12 Wii remote motions that can be utilized on this game such as stomping, climbing, pulling and flapping. Once all the levels have been completed, the player can return to any level and play again. In doing so, more printables and badges can be collected for souvenir purposes.