Google Inc. (Shareware)

Gmail is an e-mail client that was publicly launched in 2007. Gmail offers users free 10 Gb of space for e-mail content. Users who need more e-mail space can upgrade their accounts for a fee and get up to 16 Tb of space. The application has an advanced filtering system that uses community feedback to filter spam messages. When users identify a message as spam, the program filters similar e-mails and sends them directly to the Spam folder when they reach the inbox next time.

In addition to basic e-mail features, Gmail also provides advanced features. GTalk, Google’s chat client, is integrated into the Gmail account. Users can chat with their GTalk contacts within Gmail’s window. All Google services can also be accessed from the window (Maps, News, Drive, Calendar, etc). Another feature of the chat client is Google Video and Voice Chat, which allows users to call other users in US and Canada for free.

Other features of Gmail are:
• Message filtering
• Vacation filtering
• Inbox labels
• Offline support
• Gmail Labs

The e-mail’s interface can be customizable. Users can choose from one of the several themes available, or create their own color scheme with the color editor in the program. Gmail may be accessed through the web and also through POP3 or IMAP4.