GMail Backup 0.107

Filip Jurčíček (Freeware)

GMail Backup is an email tool to backup a user's GMail account. It is designed for users to have an offline archive of their emails. These archives can then be saved to the computer. It has 3 primary uses:

• To backup in emails on Gmail (also works with Google Apps)
• Restore deleted emails
• For incremental backup

A user will have to first activate IMAP access in their Gmail settings. This will allow forwarding of emails to be done. To do that, go to Gmail, click on settings, and in the POP/IMAP tab, select the option for IMAP access .To use GMail Backup, enter a person's email account and password first. After that, select a backup directory. Emails in Gmail will now be archived to the computer. It also shows a list of messages that are being downloaded in real time. If an email has an attachment, this tool will also download it with the archives. Data is stored in a format that is easy to open with other programs.

This software has a minimize button. This allows users to hide the backup process. To know how much has been archived, there is a percentage at the window title showing how much has been downloaded.

Development for GMail Backup is temporarily discontinued.