Glory Destiny Online

X-Legend Entertainment (Freeware)

Glory Destiny is an online MMMORPG game developed by X-Legend Entertainment.  Glory Destiny Online involves cooperative strategy with other gamers online. Characters can be customized by choosing the preferred race and gender. The game enables the players to choose from wide selection of colors to dye the clothes of their characters. Characters are called “Spirit Forms” that can develop and learn skills through battles. Each battle entitles the gamer to earn skill points which can be used to level up skills of Spirit Forms. A player can capture monsters during battle scenarios and make these monsters as pets. Once captured, a pet can be raised and trained. These trained pets can help the owner in battles and can gain experience through time.  Experience gained can multiply up to 5 times when teamed up with friends.  This applies to pets, too.  Opponents attack camps constantly which triggers fight scenarios. In the game process, players should defend these camp sites.

Glory Destiny is one of the massively multiplayer online game that offers users the benefit of earning points by simply being online. Gold points are used as currency in the game. Players can trade gold points in exchange to buy unique items from shops in the game.