Globus Professional

EIS (Proprietary)

Globus Professional is a utility tool developed by Enterprise Information Systems. The program itself is an application that manages electronic documents stored in the user’s computer. The tool is part of the Globus Professional System suite of business applications. The developer designed GPS to help businesses cut the time needed to complete workflow processes.

As a business-to-business suite, multiple members of an organization design the applications featured in GPS for use. Thus, changes made by one user are automatically cascaded to local versions of file or processes handled by another. Users, extending the functionality of the software, can add modules.
One notable feature of the program is its ability to handle extremely large volumes of data used in business processes. For instance, it can manage thousands of documents and similar files and organize them automatically through programmed commands that concern repetitive tasks, such as categorizing metadata of files that “enter” the program database.

EIS has built quality control functions into the suite, which further speeds up the processes. As reduced working time leads to more processed data, businesses that use Globus often extend the programs functionality fully. Some of the modules that are included in the suite are report tracking and generation features, individual account management, and streamlined calendar modules, to name a few.