GloboFleet CC Plus

Buyond GmbH (Shareware)

GloboFleet CC Plus is a program that is made by Buyond GmbH. This application is designed to read, analyze, and archive the content of a driver card. It works with a variety of driver cards. It can read and analyze a large number of data. With this program, any data contained in the driver card will be automatically saved in the computer after reading. Users may reopen all saved data for further analysis or evaluation. In addition, there are no limitations of read operations of data. It must be noted that archiving data must be made with a digital signature and it must also meet all legal requirements before users can archive any driver card’s data.

GloboFleet CC Plus provides an overview of all identified infringements and violations. It also shows the current or remaining driving times, work times, and rest periods. All these information are shown right after the download of the driver card data, and after being analyzed by the program. Users may also access a portion or a specific parts of the driver’s card data with ease as they are stored in chronological order. The program’s additional functions include:

• Error evaluation
• Activity evaluation
• Special case evaluation
• Excel data export
• Data transmission through email