Globalink Conversation Utility


Globalink Conversation Utility is one of the major components of the program Globalink Power Translator. This application is designed to convert or translate words used within a conversation in a chatroom or an instant messenger. One of the chat clients that this tool supports is ICQ. This application is basically a tool that assists users or chatters to have a better interaction and understanding with other online users who may be using different languages. It will help them translate unfamiliar and uncommon words or phrases. They can just simply copy and paste or cut a part of the conversation, or the entire message for translation.

As stated previously, Globalink Conversation Utility is integrated in a program called Globalink Power Translator. This program is a translator that can be used for personal or business purposes. Aside from English, it features translations of other popular languages in the world. These include German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese.

Globalink Power Translator mainly features Globalink Web Translator, Email Translation Utility, and Globalink Conversation Utility. It is a program for international students, businessmen, and other users who need instant translation when using a Web application, or computer program. It allows users to edit documents, create and modify dictionaries, translate English texts to other supported languages and vice versa, and import files from other programs.