Global Search and Replace

Global Search and ReplaceTM (Shareware)

Global Search and Replace program is a powerful tool that provides users with a search and replace functionality. Users can search strings of words and phrase across the text-based file pages. The search function is based on a Wikipedia mark-up of the pages and a support systematic appearance.

Users are also allowed to select which part of the system they would like to search and  the type of value they would like to change. For this program to work, directories in the search manager should be turned on. A search manager allows users to configure the search engine and is visible under the System Management folder. It can set up indexing and can change the type of criteria of a certain word.

Global Search and Replace program has the following features:

• Searches of regular expressions and replace function – A regular expression is a sequence of characters arranged and formed into a search pattern.
• Multi-line search and replace – Multiline search can look for text that spans multiple lines.
• Match Case searches – Match case allows the user to match a certain word to another. For example: “Avez” can be matched or not to “avez”.
• Saved search criteria – This is applied after the replacement is done. Users are allowed to save the replace word.