Global Ops - Commando Lybia 1.1

Spectral Games (Shareware)

Global Ops: Commando Libya is a third-person tactical action/shooter game that uses a squad to engage in specialized warfare. The main object of the game is staving off an Arab terrorist-driven atomic catastrophe. Members of the special team can take on the enemies by going on solo missions or with the help of artificial intelligence units.

The squad is actually a special U.S. unit tasked not only to prevent the explosion but also to recover the nuclear weapon. The plot begins in 1968, when a search party was sent to a wreckage site in North Bay in the Arctic Sea where a bomber plane crashed. The search party discovers that one of the bombs is missing. The timeline then jumps to the present, when the squad finds out that a Russian mafia leader and weapons dealer is in possession of an atomic bomb that he wants to sell to a Libyan ruler. The CIA fears that the Libyans might use it to launch a terrorist attack against the United States as reprisal for the latter's meddling in the Libyan conflict. This prompts the creation of an operation designed to prevent the deal from taking place.

Global Ops: Commando Libya features fast-paced gameplay with a wide selection of modern-day weapons. There are nine levels for solo playing. Multiplayer mode that can host up to ten players is available in six maps. The battles take the form of urban warfare, guerilla action, and vehicle combat.