Acclaim Entertainment (Proprietary)

Gladiator, subtitled Sword of Vengeance, is a game in which the player assumes the role of Invictus Thrax, a Roman gladiator. Thrax is killed in the Coliseum by the demon gods Phobos and Deimos upon the command of the dictator Arruntius, because Thrax is loyal to the emperor Trajan, whom Arruntius murdered. At the beginning of the game, Thrax wakes up in the Elysian Fields and meets Romulus and Remus, who tells him about Arruntius’ treachery. It is now up to Thrax to save Rome and stop Arruntius and the demons, with the help of the gods and by defeating other enemies.

Playing Gladiator is simple; it has basic commands that novice players will be able to use. There are two types of attack buttons, a context action key, and a magic button. The game also comes with a training level where players can read about the game’s story and learn the commands used in the game. The game allows players to form combination attacks by pressing buttons alternately. The game shows an opponent’s health in a bar; when this turns red, the player can press the context button to deliver the fatal blow. The context key can also be used to apply defensive maneuvers during battle. The defensive moves include a back flip and evading a sword attack.