GK Amplification 2 Pro

Audiffex (Shareware)

GK Amplification 2 Pro is a plugin that provides users with a virtual amplifier. This program was developed by music software company Audiffex in partnership with bass gear company Gallien-Krueger (GK), and it includes exact models not only of GK amps but speakers as well. This plugin also comes with all of the functions of the original amplifiers, such as filters and Bi-Amp. The controls of the virtual amplifier function the same way as the GK hardware.

This plugin has been modeled after the following Gallien-Krueger products: 800RB Amplifier, NEO412 Cabinet, MB150 Combo, and the 2001RB Amplifier. The plugin has the following additional features:

• Eight microphones to pick up the speakers
• Two independent speakers
• Highly optimized algorithms to simulate real amplifiers and speakers
• Adjustable microphones
• Compatibility with Real-Time AudioSuite (RTAS), Virtual Studio Technology (VST 2.4), and Audio Unit (AU) formats.

With the GK Amplification 2 Pro, users can select from one of several amplifiers and then select a speaker from the available models. Users of the Pro version may also select two speakers in parallel. In addition, users can select the type of microphone to assign for each speaker. This plugin works best with audio interfaces having the Hi-Z input for instruments and drivers with low latency. A user manual is available online for users who may need detailed information about the program’s controls and functions.