Gizmo Central 2.7.9

Arainia Solutions (Freeware)

Gizmo Central is a suite of system utility programs developed by Arainia Solutions. It offers several components with various system functions. Each of the components included in this suite can be installed or uninstalled separately. The program is written in C++. Aside from the Standard Edition, there is also the Donor Edition available to those users who make donations. The Donor Edition offers the latest bug fixes, features, and other documentation. These features were provided in the Standard Edition at a much later date.

The following are the main components of Gizmo Central:

• Gizmo Toolbar – This is a customizable user interface of Gizmo Central. This component enables users to interact with the core features in the application. It also serves as the desktop’s launch bar replacement.
• Gizmo Database – This component offers a Query Analyzer tool that can be used with any server that supports ODBC drivers or OLE DB providers. This feature also includes a stored procedure analyzer that is used for analyzing procedure calls.
• Gizmo Drive – This feature enables users to create virtual drives. This component allows the use of three types of image files including Gizmo Drives, Raw Images, and ISO files. Gizmo Drive is also capable of encrypting the drive, replicating the files stored in the drive, and protecting the stored files.
• Gizmo Hasher – This utility provides ways for calculating the hash values as well as comparing the files.
• Gizmo Script – This scripting language lets users manipulate files, simulate mouse and keyboard commands, and access databases.