Ginipic 1.2

Ginipic Ltd. (Freeware)

Ginipic is an application that allows users to easily search for images, photos, illustrations and graphics on the Internet. Instead of typing the keyword on different search engines through different browsers, the user will just need to use the software and it will connect to the different search engines, as well as photo-sharing sites, which will give more choices for the user to work on. The huge number of images that will be displayed on the search results section can be readily used using drag and drop technology. Images can be transferred to any application where the user is working on like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, and others.

Ginipic features a sleek and user-friendly interface. There is a search bar where the keywords can be typed. The results will be displayed on the main interface and can be previewed by clicking on the image. The preview will display the source of the image as well as the user name of the person who uploaded it. At the bottom are several functions for changing the size to small, medium or large, sending the photo via email, saving the photo, tagging the photos and adding the photo to the favorites list. On top of these, there is also a checkbox for stretching the preview photo.