GimPhoto 1.4.3 1.4.3 (Freeware)

GimPhoto is a modification for graphics editor GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program. This modification consists of additional tools, such as brushes, plugins, and other resources. The application also changes the standard GIMP menu to one that is similar to how Adobe Photoshop’s menu looks like. From the program’s main window, users can easily access the different tools offered including paintbrushes, shapes, text tools, arrows, and their different settings.

The program also offers additional filters for manipulating photos and images. These are arranged in different categories, such as light and shadow, artistic, blur, noise, enhance, distorts, and many others. In addition, users have complete control over the toning, white balance, and color temperature of an image. Settings for different sections of the application can be accessed under the Preferences window. Some of the settings that can be changed include the images, tools, themes, color management, and window management among others.

In addition to those mentioned above, other features of the GimPhoto program are the following:

• Consists of over a hundred brush sets for manipulating and adding elements to photos and images
• Supports batch processing to allow users to edit several images all at the same time
• Users can see a live preview of filters and plugins before saving changes