GimPad 1.1

Gimper (Shareware)

GimPad 1.1 is a utility that is lightweight and effective in fulfilling the many requirements of GimPhoto and Gimp users. It is a stable tool that has the capacity to bring together GimPhoto windows into one interface. GimPad 1.1 lessens the confusion that users could face in using a number of scattered windows. One of the main features of this revised program is the fact that it occupies much less memory in the hard drive, at only about 5 MB to 6 MB. This utility’s compact size makes it ideal to use.

GimPad 1.1 first went by the name of GimPhoto Desktop. Before it was re-launched, the program is rewritten again. The purpose of this utility is to integrate the scattered windows that characterize GimPhoto. The many modifications that went with the change in nomenclature are the following:
• Improved resize or panel layout
• Better Tool Panel
• Functional drag and drop
• Higher and faster performance

This revamped tool has been cleared of bugs with enhanced features that make the tool better able to adapt. Users of Adobe Photoshop will find this tool quite familiar and very easy to use. GimPad 1.1 is proven to work smoothly with Windows XP and Windows 2000 OS.