GIMP Portable 2.8.10 (Open Source)

GIMP Portable is an application used for various image editing applications. It is a portable version of the GIMP, or GNU Image Manipulation Program, a tool used for retouching, composing, and authoring photographs. It comes with a set of tools that enable users to enhance their photos on the go. The user interface features three separate screens. One screen shows the photos and the other two contains the toolboxes that contain the image editing functions. These toolboxes may be moved around the interface according to their preferred working layout. The application comes with an online manual for users who want to learn more about the program’s functions.

Some of the image-editing features included in this application are a color wheel, layers, and filters. Images may be flipped, rotated, scaled up or down, and sheared. Additional features are as follows:
• Painting tools – this application comes with a Pencil, Clone tool, Airbrush, and different kinds of Brushes. It also has a blend tool and a gradient editor, and allows users to make use of custom patterns and brushes.
• Advanced image manipulation – image and text layers and channels are available for advanced photo manipulation. Users can select parts of an image using selection tools of different shapes, such as the rounded rectangle and the ellipse.
• Supported file types – this application can access various file types, including PNG, PSD, GIF, and JPEG.