GIMP 2.8.16

The GIMP Development Team (Freeware)

GIMP 2 is a Raster graphics editor application released in January 1996. It is a freeware under the GPL license. The program offers tools used for free-form drawing, conversion, image editing and retouching, and other specialized tasks. It can also create animated images given that an animation plugin is available.

The GIMP 2 application can be viewed in two forms – Single or Multiple Window modes. The default mode is the Multiple Window mode. This mode offers multiple windows containing all the functionalities available in the GIMP program. It also provides a customizable interface. It provides customization settings to change the behavior and view of the user interface to match the user’s preference. Users can change the widget theme, colors, icon sizes, and widget spacing. It also offers a full screen mode providing a full view of the workspace.

The program offers various photo enhancement tools, such as corrective mode and vignetting. It also provides a channel mixer that provides users to edit black-and-white photos. Digital retouching tools are also available in this program. Aside from the basic editing tools, advanced photo retouching methods are also available, such as the clone tool and healing tool. The editing tools are available at the menus, toolbox, and dialogue windows. Other tools included are selection, masking tools, transformation, masking tools, filters, and brushes.