GiliSoft File Lock Pro 6.3 7.0

Gilisoft (Shareware)

GiliSoft File Lock Pro has the power to hide drives, folders, and files and lock them securely. It is a file encryption program that employs 256-bit AES encryption. This proven effective tool can also protect data stored in portable hardware and inside HDD drives.

Data protection is not as complicated as many people think. GiliSoft File Lock Pro is a powerful tool but the way that it provides security is rather straightforward. To protect sensitive and important information from prying, unauthorized eyes, this tool encrypts files and on top of that, it protects the files with passwords. GiliSoft File Lock Pro uses this two-layered encryption technology to ensure data protection.

Another means by which private data is protected by this program is by hiding them. When data is hidden, there is not one person who can view it unless access is given. Only the person with the right password can open the files. The password needs to be entered at the proper slot in the interface to un-“hide” the data. This program also becomes handy if the owner of the computer wants to erase a set of data forever. GiliSoft File Lock Pro is a simple security program that even novice computer users can use.