GigaTribe 3.0

Shalsoft (Freeware)

GigaTribe is a free file sharing program where users can dish out different kinds of content to others. Folders and files that are shared can only be viewed and accessed by people that were invited by users. Once folders are selected for sharing, content found in them are instantly made accessible to friends. Users can control which files or content to download. Exchanges which have been interrupted are automatically resumed without loss of data.

The program poses no limit in terms of file size and quantity. Every program contact is allowed to download and share content. Thus, more contacts mean more content can be obtained by users. Locating and sharing files can be done in a few mouse clicks. Files are maintained in hard drives, and do not have to be transferred to external servers. Users and their friends may browse through shared content through their respective hard drives. Every exchange is encrypted. Faster download speed is made possible by multi-source downloads. Files can be changed, and additional files may be added to shared folders anytime. Original formats of files are also made available. If a file download has been interrupted because a contact went offline, the program checks if the same file is available via other contacts. The program then automatically retrieves and resumes download of the file for the user. Users can also use the program to access one’s computer from remote locations.