Gigaset QuickSync 8.2

Gigaset Communications GmbH (Freeware)

Gigaset QuickSync is a cross-platform tool used for synchronizing the Gigaset handset contacts and address book data to a computer. It is also capable of synchronizing the address book from the Gigaset handset to different platforms including Microsoft Outlook, Windows Contacts, and others. QuickSync supports different Gigaset handsets including S820H, S829, and S820A.

One of the added features in QuickSync is its Cloud-Synchronization with Google contacts. This enables users to synchronize Gigaset handset contacts with Google contacts via cloud. A Google account is required for this function. However, the program does not save the credentials on the Google account. By default, the program synchronizes the address on a handset with the Google Contact Group called Gigaset. However, the user may also modify where the Gigaset handset contacts will be synchronized.

The program is also capable of downloading screensavers, ringer melodies, as well as caller’s images. It also has a Ringtone Editor, which enables users to choose the part of the ringtone to be sent to the Gigaset handset. There is also a Picture Editor, which is used for selecting which images are to be sent to the handset. It supports different music file formats including AAC, MP3, and others. The program offers automatic conversion of music files during download.