Giganews Accelerator v1.0.111.1

Giganews, Inc. (Freeware)

Giganews Accelerator is a Windows-based Usenet plug-in that enables users to manage their Usenet proxy tasks and applications. Giganews is a newsgroup service provider that provides Usenet services through subscription. On the other hand, Usenet is an online discussion system that provides features similar to a hybrid of an email platform and a web forum. Usenet is mainly applied to Internet Bulletin Boards, where users may post “news items” delivered in text form that can be viewed publicly. This information is displayed in a self-updating data stream called a newsfeed. Usenet bulletin boards require a private server maintained locally or provided commercially by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Giganews Accelerator contains features that allow users to download Usenet headers quickly and apply 2569-bit SSL encryption on the user’s downloaded and uploaded files. Giganews Accelerator also provides encrypted commands and authentication controls whether or not the user possesses a Giganews SSL-enabled user account. Aside from download acceleration and wide security control, the program also allows users to view real-time statistics of their connections. This application is also compatible with commercial NTTP-based Usenet newsreader.

Giganews Accelerator features a simple user interface that has three main parts. The first part contains the main control buttons that allows users encrypt, decrypt, save log, view log, and view configurations options. The next part is where Usenet data files are displayed. This section displays the file number, SSL, Session, etc. The third part displays all log entries of actions done within the application.