GIGABYTE Gamer HUD Lite is a tweaking utility program for VGA. It provides the necessary tools for overclocking the computer’s software and hardware. The program offers configuration settings for tweaking. It has the Default button for loading the program’s default settings. The Apply button is also available for saving the values or any configurations made. The program also has the Enable and Disable buttons. The Enable button is used to allow the utility to optimize the GPU/Shader/Memory frequency and voltage settings while the Disable button lets users configure these settings manually.

GIGABYTE Gamer HUD Lite features four main tools. It has the eXtreme Volt, which is used for dropping or raising the volt. Raising the computer’s voltage helps increase O/C capability. Another tool included in this application is the Over-clock. This tool is used for configuring the Shader, GPU and Memory clock on the computer. It also helps enhance the performance of the VGA card. A 2D/3D Auto-optimalized tool is available as well. When this tool is turned on, the computer’s graphic card is configured to utilize the lowest possible voltage as well as the lowest GPU, Shader and Memory frequency during 2D. The last tool is the H/W Monitor, which is used to display the CPU and GPU usage and temperature on the computer.