Giga Pocket

Sony Corporation (Bundled)

Giga Pocket is an application from Sony that lets users watch TV while recording the broadcasted TV programs on their Sony computers. The program also allows them to record TV programs automatically using the Timer Recording Manager. Its TV tuner supports analogue or non-digital cable as well as terrestrial TV. It is compatible with the following TV broadcast standards: PAL B/G, PAL I, and SECAM L/L.

With the program, the user can set the broadcast location to be used for watching TV and video programs on the pc. Channels can be set by performing the Giga Pocket TV Setup, which scans the channels for the selected broadcast and displays the overview of channels for sorting. The user can add and modify channels any time by registering them in the Giga Pocket channel list. Using the receiver band box, he can switch between the TV Tuner and the Video to watch or record programs from the TV or video.

The program consists in a back-to-back system for TV/recording and playback. The user can watch TV and record the channel he is watching by using the TV/recording deck. Recorded videos are stored in the system’s video capsules, which are managed by the Giga Pocket Explorer. The user can play video capsules by utilizing the playback deck. The Timer Recording Wizard permits the setting of timer recording settings for programs broadcast regularly or in the future (such as next month, or at the end of the following year).