GIF Movie Gear 4.2.3

Gamani Productions (Shareware)

GIF Movie Gear is a tool for creating professional GIF animations and icons. The application consists of tools that make it easier for users to create projects. It has an easy to use interface that allows users to see the animation frame by frame. Users can work on one frame at a time or select several frames from batch editing. Some of the features of the editor include the following:

• Preview window – Changes made to the animation can easily be viewed with the preview window built-in to the application.
• 24-bit color – The application supports 24-bit color that allows users to create animations without color quality loss. This is useful when creating icons and manipulation of images in different file formats.
• Inter-frame optimization – This feature reduces the file size of the project.
• LiveEdit – The LiveEdit feature enables users to edit animations in layers using another image editor program.
• Toolbar – The toolbar is where users can find the tools for editing the different parts of the animation sequence.  

GIF Movie Gear provides several preferences for the user, too. There are seven tabs under the Preferences window. These are Use, General, Palettes, Animation, Export, Export II, and Frame Tips. Users can tweak these settings to customize the program.