GIANTS Software GmbH (Freeware)

GIANTS Editor is a program used for editing mappers and modders for Farming Simulator. The program’s features are found in the program’s panel windows. If the panel windows aren’t available, it can be enabled on the menu option window. Upon launching the application, it displays the Viewport window, which is basically the program’s main working station. The window has the Navigation and View Options area. The View Options can be accessed by right-clicking on the Viewport panel. It has several settings including Camera, Framed Rotate, Wideframe/Shaded, Visibility of Lights, Physics, Audio Sources and more.

GIANTS Editor also features the Scenegraph panel. This feature displays all the elements and objects found in the scene. It also shows the parent-child relationships of the objects. There are different possible object types found in the scene. These are Splines, Triangle Meshes, Transform Groups, Cameras, Audio Sources, Terrains and Lights. The program also has the Attributes Panel, which is used for changing the attributes of certain aspects of a file. There’s also the Toolbar panel that offers different sets of functions. These functions are grouped based on its purpose including File Operations, History, Physics, Toggle Local – World Mode, Terrain and Terrain Foliage, Grid Snapping and Texture Reload.

The application can also be used to test terrain sculpting with its Terrain Editing feature. There’s also the User Attributes that allows users to define particular attributes of the objects in the scene. Previewing the animation sets is also possible using the Animation Panel. Other features found in the application include Particle System Panel, Spline Editing, Scripting, Replace Dialog and Interactive Placement.