Giants – Citizen Kabuto

Planet Moon Studios (Shareware)

Giants: Citizen Kabuto is a shooter that showcases real-time strategy elements. Players choose from one of three humanoid races to engage in the story or to challenge other players in multiplayer matches online. In the single-player mode, players must complete a sequence of missions that test their mettle in battle and acumen for solving puzzles. The game uses the subtitle “Citizen Kabuto,” as it refers to the final humanoid race, a terrible giant whose wrestling skills prove to be formidable. The two other races, Meccaryns and Sea Reapers, use sophisticated weapons or spells to triumph over their enemies. There are the Smarties, which are creatures that can work for players once they are gathered and cared for. They build bases, produce new weapons, spells, trapping devices, vehicles, and other forms of assistance that cater to the players' needs.

Planet Moon Studios developed this game with real-time strategy elements and sophisticated graphics. The game was designed with an arcade feel so players can focus on action rather than on managing other details of the game. Players assume control over one character from a third-person perspective to help achieve the said goal of the game’s design. Every race possesses its own special attack style and a unique method for movement. Every creature that is killed triggers a power-up for the killer, such as providing weapons or healing wounds. All races eat cattle-like beings called Vimps. These are hunted down for food both by Meccaryns and Kabuto. Sea Reapers harvest Vimp souls for power. Every race except Kabuto has to build their own bases to produce troops. When Kabuto reaches his maximum size, he produces small T-Rex like units that serve as his troops. He can also achieve healing by eating Vimps and other units, whether those commanded by players or those controlled by the computer.