Tenebril Incorporated (Shareware)

The GhostSurf application is used for anonymous web surfing. It is capable of hiding the computer’s IP address so that computer activities cannot be viewed by a third party. The program can prevent identity theft and tracking of user-behavior on the Internet. GhostSurf supports all web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

The program works by re-routing the surfing activities through different hubs. Users can also view the details of all incoming and outgoing Internet activities. Additionally, the program is able to permanently erase browsing activities, cookies, web browser history, and other personal information stored in the system after surfing the Internet. Another feature of the GhostSurf program is the SpyCatcher, which is capable of detecting spyware and other threats that may be installed in the computer. GhostSurf also comes with a Personal Data Vault where users can store important files and personal data. The vault is encrypted so that unauthorized users will not be able to access its contents.

The main window of the application has all the tools for computer protection. There are five main buttons on the main window – Privacy Control Center, SpyCatcher, Personal Data Vault, AdArmor, and TracksCleaner. Users can perform tasks by clicking one of these buttons and configuring the program’s settings.