Ghost Recon

Ubisoft Red Storm (Proprietary)

Ghost Recon is a series of military tactical shooter games developed by Ubisoft Red Storm, a gaming studio partly founded by American novelist Tom Clancy. It is also the title of the first game released in the series, in which the player is in command of a fictional squad of soldiers belonging to the United States Army Special Forces. The soldiers, commonly referred to as “the Ghosts”, are part of the army’s Delta Company stationed at North Carolina’s Fort Bragg. The soldiers’ missions and operations are highly classified.

The story of the first game starts in April 2008 and revolves around the civil discontent in Russia. In the story’s plot, the Russian nationalists have seized political power and plan to form the Soviet Union again. They begin to support the dissident forces in the Baltic States and Georgia, a situation that poses a great threat to human life. Hostages have already been taken and the number of casualties due to war has started to increase. As a response, the United States sends the Ghosts to Georgia to quell the Russian forces.

It is up to the player to make sure the campaign is completed successfully. Players take the Ghosts through several missions that range from search-and-rescue, demolitions, and firefights. An arsenal of special and standard issue weapons are provided to aid the players in their quest to bring peace to the land.