Ghost Encounters: Deadwood

Anarchy Enterprises (Shareware)

Ghost Encounters: Deadwood is a hidden object adventure game set in Deadwood. In the game, players assume the role of a detective who is tasked to solve a paranormal mystery. The story revolves around Blackjack, an outlaw who has died and has been claiming the lives of people around town. Players must investigate the cases of those who died in order to solve the mystery and save the lives of the remaining townsfolk.

Players must go to different locations and look for items on the list. There are also certain items that must be found in order to unlock different locations. Aside from the hidden object aspect of the game, players are also asked to solve puzzles. There are several locations to visit and users must go back to other locations more than once in order to find the objects that are needed in the case. Ghost Encounters: Deadwood has a hint system that users can utilize when stuck looking for a particular object. The hint recharges after a set amount of time.

Items that need to be found are presented as a list at the bottom of the game window. The item is eliminated from the list when it has been found on the game screen.