Total Commander 8.5.1

Ghisler Software GmbH (Shareware)

The Total Commander is a file manager application developed by Christian Ghisler. It was initially released in September 25, 1993. From its initial release, the application was called Windows Commander until it was renamed to Total Commander in 2003. This program works like Windows allowing users to manage (move, copy or delete) files. Features of this program can be extended with open plugin-API. It can also bind external applications for file viewing and editing. This program also has a special U3 disk and USB installer to make it portable.

The Total Commander application provides a command-line that can be used to execute various commands straight from its main window. Function keys are also available to conduct basic file managing tasks via a single button. The program offers activated Quickview panel and Thumbnail view. These options are used to view files in different aspects. It also features Custom Columns that provides more attributes about the files.

This application offers a built-in FTP client used for uploading and downloading files. This built-in feature can also be used to synchronize tasks. The FTP client offers resume downloads, queue downloads, secure FTP connections, and downloading in the background features. The Total Commander application offers three special tree modes. It can display a tree per file list, a single separate tree for the both list of files, or display one of the lists of file tree. Viewing the window horizontally or vertically is also possible.

The program offers a Multi-Rename tool. This tool is used to rename several files with one tool. Renaming of files based on file attributes is also possible using the Multi-Rename tool. The Total Commander application can be used in comparing and synchronizing directories with its Synchronize tool. The button bar of the program can be customized according to preference. Adding buttons for user/internal commands, folders or program is also possible with this program.