ggx2 or Guilty Gear X2 is a game presented by SEGA ARC SYSTEM WORKS. It is also known as Guilt Gear XX and given the subtitle “The Midnight Carnival.” This game immediately followed Guilty Gear, also known as GGX. ggx2 is available in PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and Japanese arcades.

The character-driven plot of ggx2 is a continuation of its predecessor GGX. The main conflict featured in the game concerns I-No’s quest to triumph over all the elements that threaten Robo-Ly, her master. There are many other conflicts that the player will encounter concerning organizations such as the Post-War Administration Bureau.

The following are some of the updated features of the game:
• “Force Roman Cancel” made possible with specific moves and requiring more precise timing
• Air throws
• Burst attacks
• Aerial Dust
• Recovery of characters

Many of the gameplay aspects of the game borrow from GGX, though this game stands out for its enhanced combat system. The console version also allows for the unlocking of EX versions of characters.
ggx2 is the third game in the fighting series called Guilty Gear which came out in the year 2002. There are a total of five updates so far and new characters, new graphics, and game mechanics have been introduced through the years.