GFI BackUp Freeware

GFI Software Ltd. (Freeware)

GFI BackUp is an application used for files synchronization and backup, and prevention of data loss. Files can be stored securely. The program is able to backup disks, email messages, registry entries, and local folders and files. Backups may be done on local folders. Three kinds of backup options are provided. They are incremental backups, differential backups, and “Stark” backups. Intuitive options allow for any kind of computer user to utilize the program. The program makes use of ZIP compression to secure files.

Program interface acts like a wizard and assists users in running and creating new tasks. It guides users step by step in the backup process such as specifying backup description and name, and configuring options for scheduling. The interface’s main window allows users to create new backup jobs, restore backups, synchronize directories and files that are found in different locations, as well as manage current jobs. Files can also be uploaded to FTP servers. Backup destinations may be external hard drives or local hard drives. Data can also be encrypted and compressed to prevent unwanted document access and save on disk space. Files are secured through an algorithm (AES 256) or password protection.  Other features include folder synchronization and an integrated scheduler.